America’s greatest pastime

The sun is setting, the stadium is full of people, it’s time for a baseball game. With a few great players this season the Nationals are in 1st for the National League. Will they keep up their winning record? I guess only time will tell.




Wine Not

As some of you may know, Virginia is known as wine country. So naturally, to live up to my state’s name I have to frequent a winery or two every once in a while. One of my more recent favorites to visit is Bull Run Winery. It is not too far from the city, it’s beautiful and its reasonably priced. Plus, if you go on a Thursday you can even get ladies night prices and get half off your glass of wine!


That time I graduated.

After four long and ever changing years, I graduated George Mason University with both my Major in Marketing and my Minor in Art History.

Going into college I had no idea how much change I was about to endure. Through the various organizations I joined at George Mason I managed to grow into the young professional woman that I wanted to be as an incoming Freshman. Chi Omega, the people in it, and the opportunities it gave me were a huge part of this transformation. Coming from a small high school, having an sorority such as Chi O as a constant support system was beyond comforting. Whether it was my big, my sorority family, or close friends I met along the way I was consistently challenged to be the best version of myself I could be and for that I am forever grateful. From Chi O, stemmed the opportunity to be involved with Her Campus. Little did I know when I nonchalantly Facebook messaged a friend about joining that the organization was about to be a big part of my life for the next three years. I got to meet a whole new set of women that I would have never met without joining. I got to be Editor-In-Chief, a title I never would have thought having, and I got to see campus through the eyes of all those I was writing alongside. I guess what I am getting at through these experiences is don’t ever be afraid to try something new. I never had any intentions of joining a sorority or a publication, but I gave it a shot and what do you know…I liked it.

For those of you about to go to college, make the most of it. It sounds cheesy and cliche but the time will fly by and before you know it it’ll be over. I will always remember my time at George Mason as something special and an experience I wouldn’t want to trade for any other.



{Dress: H&M, Shoes: Forever21}

All of these pictures were taken by my amazing photographer sister, Anna. You can find more of her pictures on her website!

Cherry Blossoms {2017 Edition}

Every year I try and make the trip to go see the Cherry Blossoms and every year the weather decides it wants to get in the way. Last year there was a huge storm that wiped out half the trees. There was pretty much just one good tree left that everyone was trying to take pictures in front of.

However, I guess luck was on my side this year! All of the Blossoms were in tact and there were plenty of pictures to be taken. If the metro wasn’t under maintenance (what’s new) then I definitely would have avoided the drive. Like anywhere in D.C. it was impossible to park, making the trip way longer than necessary.

Make sure to go see the Cherry Blossoms soon if you can! You never know what storm may wipe them out before you get a chance to see them.

(and yes…I did match the flowers on purpose)

Union Market

The day started out in hopes of making it to the Hirshorn Museum to see the Kusama exhibit, but that plan failed. We did not already have tickets and were hoping to snag some of the free walk up ones, but they were of course all gone. It would not have really worked out anyway since we could not find any parking.

Even after this failed attempt of being cultured, we did not give up on adventuring and headed over to Union Market to eat some delicious food and take some arty pics. I must say it would have been nice to have warmer weather, but I would still call the day a success.

Here Kitty Kitty

Along with a new townhouse, I got a new cat! My roomate and I had wanted one for the longest time, but of course you cannot have a pet in the dorms at school. So, now that we have an actual place we could finally get an actual pet.

Meet Lysi, our little rescue orange tabby cat that we got from the Humaine Society. The process was long, but I am so glad we were able to give her a real home for the rest of her life. She had been at the Humaine Society for a whole year, ever since she was a kitten, so she had never had a real home before. I am glad to say she is very happy in our townhouse and with her new family.

Myrtle Beach

There is no better way to finish off a school year than going to the beach. Which is exactly what George Mason Greek life does every year. This was my first year going and I have to say it was definitely worth it.

We only had a few bumps in the road on the way there, literally. On the drive down we got a flat tire, so I had my first experience with road-side assistance. Luckily my family has AAA, so it was really easy to get some help. We made it to the beach in once piece, only to then get trapped on an elevator for 20 minutes. With those difficulties aside, it was a great week and I’m glad the rain held up enough to get some quality beach time!

Renwick…Round 3?

At this point I’m not totally sure how many times I have been to the Renwick Gallery, but it definitely never disappoints. My family had never been, so I had to make sure that they got have the experience of going. They are in the process of putting in some new exhibits, so two of the original rooms were blocked off to be redone. 

My favorite still has to be the room with all of the colored netting placed up on the ceiling. By letting everyone lie on the floor and gaze up at the view, it is a nice way to relax and detach yourself from city life. Each room is meant to make you experience the pieces as a whole. The art takes up the entire space, making it all encompassing and larger than life.