Renwick…Round 3?

At this point I’m not totally sure how many times I have been to the Renwick Gallery, but it definitely never disappoints. My family had never been, so I had to make sure that they got have the experience of going. They are in the process of putting in some new exhibits, so two of the original rooms were blocked off to be redone. 

My favorite still has to be the room with all of the colored netting placed up on the ceiling. By letting everyone lie on the floor and gaze up at the view, it is a nice way to relax and detach yourself from city life. Each room is meant to make you experience the pieces as a whole. The art takes up the entire space, making it all encompassing and larger than life.

Suns Out and So Are We

Every year we end up having at least one photoshoot to prepare for the next fall. This time around we did our shoot by the pond and took pictures on pictures on pictures. We use these photos all year long, so it is important to take a lot. Plus, it is always nice to have those photos for ourselves to use and put up around the house! The whole sorority isn’t in every photo, but we try to get as many girls as we can. It is definitely a fun way to break up the stress that the end of the semester brings.


I may have been a traitor and went to an Oriole’s game already, but the Nationals will always have my heart. I lucked out again with great weather and brought along some friends. We got to the stadium way faster than expected so we had some extra time and stopped by the outdoor area where they have music, beer, and food for where cheaper than inside the park. I got a hot dog for $3! (They’re usually like $7-$9) 

Once inside I convinced the ushers to let us get up closer while the players were warming up and we even got a little wave from their bullpen catcher, Martinez! The game was good and the Nationals were playing well. I can’t wait until the warmer weather comes around and I can go to more games.

Oh and P.S…I got my Nationals jersey for $20 at Walmart! It’s defiantly worth the price.

Switching Teams for the Day

My dad coaches a high school baseball team and this past weekend being a coach had its perks when someone gave us free front row tickets to an Orioles game. We were right behind the home team dugout and I’ve never been so close. It was an awesome experience. The payers looked huge, everything was right in front of us, and the weather was perfect too. I’m usually a Nationals fan, but rooting for the Orioles every once in a while isn’t too bad!


Washington, Lincoln, Crepes…Oh My

The other night, a few friends and myself decided that we really wanted some crepes and what better way to enjoy a crepe then after visiting a few monuments. We went sort of late at night, which I must say is a great time to see the Lincoln memorial. It’s a whole different experience than during the day. Everything is lit up and its not as crowded as during the day, so you don’t have to deal with as many tourists. Plus, just sitting on the steps of the Lincoln and looking out at the city really makes you appreciate how great D.C. really is.



Early Morning Museum Visits

Thursday I found myself with a free morning and realized I hadn’t been to the museums in a while, so I figured I should fix this predicament. A friend and I headed to D.C. and paid a visit to the Renwick and the Hirshorn. She had never been to either, so I got to play tour guide and tell her all about what I knew of the two museums. If you ever have a  free morning, I would definitely recommend making a trip to any of the museums in D.C. They are all great and you’re bound to have a great time!

Cherry Blossoms

With strong winds and very cold weather, my attempt at visiting the Cherry Blossoms wasn’t as successful as one would have hoped. I have a very jam packed schedule, so finding the time to go see the Cherry Blossom’s was kind of a struggle. Then, one morning I found myself free happened to be the worst.

My friends and I made the trek to DC only to find that almost all of the Cherry Blossoms had died since it has been so cold and gross lately. So, we made the best of what we had, found a few lone survivors, and paid a visit to the Jefferson Memorial before heading to Georgetown for some coffee to warm us up.


• Daytona, Fl •

Well I can officially say I did the cliche go to Florida for college Spring Break adventure…It was Spring Break last week and three friends and myself made the long drive down to Daytona Beach. The drive was long, but the memories were worth it.

We spent most of our time on the beach, but also visited some family and made our way to Disney Springs (formally known as Downtown Disney). The only negative of the trip was that it also happened to be Bike Week the same week we were there, so the downtown area of Daytona was packed with bikers. This would have been pretty entertaining except for the fact that everything smelled like gasoline.

Only a few days were spent down there, but I got to leave with somewhat of a tan and a whole lot of new stories to remember.


Coming in Clutch

I don’t know about you all but finding a wallet that fits everything can be the biggest struggle. While looking around on the internet while snowed in all of those days I found this really cute clutch that really does like it can hold it all. It’s around $65 which is a little expensive, but it may be worth it if you have a lot of stuff. They seem to be advertising it towards the traveler, which I think it would be perfect for. When traveling, especially abroad, it can be such a hassle to try and fit all of your things in one place. I don’t know if I would need so many slots for everyday life but if I end up traveling somewhere where I may need a passport among other things, I may give it a try.

Just picture walking through Italy with a cute little coral clutch in tow…sounds nice to me.


I found the clutch through a pin on Pinterest, but this is where it really comes from


In case you don’t know what a lob is…it’s a long bob that usually falls around collar bone length. Every winter I try and grow my hair out and every time I just get bored of it and tired of all the time it takes. That’s when I get the itch to chop it all off. I still don’t know if I really am going to or not, but in the meantime just looking at pictures of lobs will have to do.

Here are some of my favorites that I’ve found on Pinterest…