A few shots from the Smithsonian American Art Museum




Office Tour

While an office can be dreary, I have tried my best to make mine a little exciting.

With pops of color and stylish accents any old space can be made into something new and personalized. Here are some of the pieces I have used to make my desk feel a bit more like home…

(Yes, that is a salt shaker! Its was just to cute not to have)

The last picture is my favorite water bottle! It keeps the water cold for hours, looks great and was only around $10 on Amazon.

DIY ~ Flower Decor

Real flowers are always the best option, but constantly keeping up with purchasing living/real flowers to keep in your home is unrealistic. Unless you have a personal assistant who goes to the market and gets everything you need on a daily basis, having tasteful fake flowers is the way to go.

I was recently at Michael’s when I spotted this super cute three vase holster. Not only was it good looking, it was also on sale for only $3. So naturally I decided I had to do something with it, so that I had an excuse to buy it.

With just a turn around the corner, I found the flower section. Since it is Fall, the flowers were all in nice seasonally appropriate warm colors. I was immediately drawn to these maroon hued bustles that you can see in the picture.

The last thing I had to do was figure out something to fill the vases with! I didn’t want the piece to look to dark, so I opted for some white rocks to offset the darkness of the casing and flowers. I think it turned out pretty well and even though they are flowers, the don’t look hyper girly. Some of the flowers even look pretty real!


Lets Go Listen To The Night Train

As summer traditions come to a close, a country concert was a must. Jason Aldean is of course one of America’s favorites and upon hearing he was coming to Jiffy Lube Live I had to jump on the tickets.

It was a great show with none of the unnecessary frills. As Jason Aldean put it, we came to hear the music and not to hear him talk and that’s exactly how the night went…no rambling, just music.


Trading Parks

I usually can be found wandering Nat’s Park, but to see the beloved Yankees I had to skip the norm and head to Camden Yards.

I would travel all the way to New York to see my favorite team, but that would be a bit pricey and time consuming…so Baltimore is as close as I was going to get.

The Yankees played a great game making a comeback after having a slow start, ultimately taking the win! As for the park, even if it isn’t D.C., it is impossible to have anything negative to say. You feel like you truly are in America’s pastime with the classic baseball stadium feel that Camden Yards offers. The majority of the structure is made of brick with all lower feeling seats (unlike the towering seats at Nat’s Park) and the food is fantastic. Not to mention, everything is a whole lot cheaper than in D.C. So, needless to say even if you aren’t a fan of any team in particular, Camden Yards is a great park to visit.



When you don’t have much free time it can be nice to get away sometimes even if you don’t go very far and that is exactly what I did a few weekends ago. Instead of going far away I went into the city to enjoy all it has to offer. It was only one night, but it was nice to experience the city in a different light.


The Cape

Every year my family makes the great migration to Cape Cod. We rent the same house, go to all of our favorite places and do all of our favorite things.

Some of those favorite things are:

  • Visiting the bay side at First Encounter Beach to watch the sunset
  • Eating at Kream n Kone
  • Getting Schoolhouse ice cream
  • Bike riding
  • Watching a Cape Cod League baseball game (they’re going to be in the pros so you know they’re good)
  • Tanning on the beach
  • Walking around Provincetown
  • Admiring the seals

There are plenty more things to do while there, but it is always a great time and I highly recommend visiting if you are looking for somewhere new to vacation.


Wine Not

As some of you may know, Virginia is known as wine country. So naturally, to live up to my state’s name I have to frequent a winery or two every once in a while. One of my more recent favorites to visit is Bull Run Winery. It is not too far from the city, it’s beautiful and its reasonably priced. Plus, if you go on a Thursday you can even get ladies night prices and get half off your glass of wine!