This is my dog

Portrait mode is a life changer. It makes everything look better. Here are some pictures of my dog while on portrait mode, because why not.

For those of you wondering, we think she is a “Meagle.” Which is a Miniature Pinscher/Beagle mix. She was a rescue so we don’t know for sure!


Spring Finds – Old Navy Edition

If you were to look in my closet, you would probably find that 50-60% of the clothes in there are from Old Navy. This is for a few reasons. One, their clothes are a pretty good quality for a good price. Two, they have coupons. Three, they have locations no matter where you go. Four, they stay on trend without going to nuts.

Even though it’s February and it’s cold, it is the time of year when stores come out with their Spring collections. Old Navy has already come out with theirs and here are a few of my favorite finds…

To take a look for yourself, go check out for their new arrival’s page!

Winter Wonderland

While on our Ohio trip, my sister and I had the annual were on vacation photo shoot. The whole trying to be candid while in the snow and very cold was a lot harder than expected…




Office Tour – Round 2

Over Christmas I got a few little additions to my office decor, so I thought I would give them a share because they are just so darn cute!

These little faux succulent plants are so tiny and perfect for my desk. They aren’t real so I don’t need to worry about taking care of them or having any soil spill on my desk. The best part is that they were only $1 each at Target in the dollar section. The dollar section at Target is always a trap, but I am glad I found these.


The second item that I got was on super sale at Macy’s. It’s Kate Spade, but it was only $10, so I snatched it right up. The bright colors are a nice addition to my morning coffee.



White Christmas

This year, Christmas was in Ohio and boy was it cold. However, we did get a white Christmas and we did have a lot of fun!

There was snow everywhere, but that just meant we got to enjoy more of my Grandma’s adorable Christmas decorations. They are to cute not to share, so here are some pics:

P.S. Hi Grandma!



There’s a new museum in town and this one is quite a bit different. The Artechouse has a rotation of many different instillation’s that switch out around every month or so. The instillation’s are all tech related – therefor the “tech” part of the name – and are all completely interactive. It is a great concept and a lot of fun to actually insert yourself into the composition of the art piece.

The exhibit that I saw was the “Imaginary World of the Nutcracker.” It was before Christmas, so the theme was very fitting for the time of year. When you arrive, the outside of the building does not look like much and I have to say I was kind of confused about where this huge exhibit was hiding. Once you enter however, you go down a large set of stairs, taking you deep down into the building. There, my questions were answered as we entered a huge room deep in the ground with a few smaller rooms coming off the sides. With a mobile app you downloaded prior to entering the room, you can see many different virtual reality pieces that you could not see with your own eyes. If you were not using your phone, there were also many interactive parts of the room that reacted to your bodies movement. This could be little creatures scurrying away from your footsteps, a rat king mimicking your every move or snowflakes dispersing as you walk past. There were things to discover around every corner and I have to say, it was very entertaining.

The “Imaginary World of the Nutcracker” is no longer showing, but their new installation looks even more interesting. It is called “Parallel Universe” and is described by Artechouse as “a psychedelic, eye-of-the-storm experience of whirling fractals and light beams.” It is on view from January 18 – March 4. I would recommend getting tickets soon because they sell out very fast.


To Do: New York in Winter

For this past year’s New York City visit it was much, much colder than usual. Plus, it was significantly more packed. There were massive crowds no matter where we went. I guess this was to be expected with it being the holiday season, but it was still shocking none the less.

We went mid-December so that we could see the Christmas decorations around the city and there sure were a lot! New York definitely goes all out in the holiday cheer department. We hoped to see it all, but of course time did not permit getting to see everything on our list. Here are some of the holiday and non-holiday things that I would recommend doing in New York in the winter (weather permitting)…

  1. Go to the Promenade in Brooklyn ~ It will be a great view no matter the weather.
  2. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge ~ Warning: Don’t do this if it’s to cold! There aren’t any buildings blocking the wind when you’re on a bridge.
  3. Visit the Freedom Tower and 9-11 Memorial ~ Spend the money to go to the top of the Freedom Tower. It is a view that is well worth the money. They also don’t limit your time up at the top, so you can stay as long as you like.
  4. Walk an excessive number of blocks for no reason ~ Make sure you bring comfy shoes because wandering the city blocks is just as much fun as whatever your destination may be.
  5. Meander around Central Park ~ Like the Promenade, it is beautiful no matter the season.
  6. Treat yourself to a nice dinner ~ NYC has any type of food you could ever imagine, so make sure to try one of their amazing restaurants. Just make sure you make reservations way ahead of time…they fill up faster than you would think.
  7. Do something Christmas related ~ There is so much to see for Christmas. There’s the Rockefeller Tree, Christmas Markets, the decorated store windows and much much more.
  8. Navigate Times Square ~ I say navigate because no matter the time of year, it will be very packed. It is something everyone should experience though, so make sure you go at least once.
  9. Get a drink at a pub ~ There are so many one of a kind pubs. Go in an enjoy good food and good drinks. Try and catch a happy hour to save some money.img_0340
  10. Go somewhere with a rooftop and enjoy the view ~ Whether it’s splurging on a hotel room with a view, going to the top of the Freedom Tower or any other of the multitude of options, make sure to get a birds-eye view of the city. It’s like nothing else you will ever see.


Here are a few more shots from our weekend adventures!


Apartment Dreams

I am currently living in a place where the living room decor is not up to only me…while this isn’t the most ideal, I am making up for lost decorating time by planning out everything I want to do for my future apartment.

Here are some of the ideas that I hope to incorporate once I have my own place!

First off, I needed to choose a general look and feel for how I want the space to look. There are a few predetermined variables that I have to work around. The biggest of these being that we already have large leather couches that are not going to be replaced for a while. If I could choose anything I would want some sort of neutral colored fabric couches, buttt I have to work with what I’ve got.

To brighten up the already dark furniture we have, white and gold are a must. So for the side tables, lamps, artwork and coffee table a lighter and brighter feel is what I am going for. Here is kind of what I am thinking…


For the walls and accents, I don’t want the whole living room to just be neutral so I think I have decided on wanting some green decor to liven up the space. This will most likely come in the form of paintings I will make for the walls and throw pillows I’ll sew for the couches. Again, here is kind of what I am thinking…

Lastly, in the dining room we already have a nice brown wooden table. The chairs are okay but the cushions could be better. I found this great post on Pinterest about how to reapulster a dining room chair and I am definitely going to give it a shot. I even like the fabric used in the post. The only issue will be finding the right fabric to make the chairs look nice, new and refreshed.


There’s going to be a lot of work put into this future apartment, but I think in the end it will really pay off.

<< All photos are from Pinterest on my “Home” board >>


Stone Tower Winery

This winery is by far the best winery I have ever been to. The wine is great and the atmosphere is even better. Their only downfall is that it gets so crowded!

Another plus to this adventure was discovering the many wonders of portrait mode on the iPhone Plus…it is seriously life changing.

P.S. The super cute hat I have on was from Old Navy and I love it.



DIY: Abstract Room Decor

While shopping for a new piece to go above the bed in my apartment, I quickly realized that pretty much every option I found was absurdly overpriced. It was anywhere from $50-$200 for a decent looking large canvas painting no matter where I looked. Since I wanted the piece to be abstract and match the colors of my room, I decided to take matters into my own hands and make the painting myself.

The first thing I did was go to Michaels. There was some sort of huge sale going on, so the extremely large canvas I got was only $8 which is crazy since they are usually closer to $50. With this insane deal and some paint I was ready to start my project.

Below you can get an idea of how I went through the process of making this huge painting: