About Me

Hi, my name is Alex and I’m from NoVa…

For those of you not from around here the name “NoVa” stands for Northern Virginia. Now some people have a negative connotation of the name, but I don’t like to think of it like that. I like to call it NoVa simply because I believe it is its own place, not separate from Virginia but an area with its own identity that should be recognized as its own.

I grew up in Falls Church and went to school in Fairfax, so I have been in NoVa pretty much all of my life. I like to think that with all of my time here I know at least a little about the area. From enjoying the urban life of Falls Church, to learning to enjoy the city of life of Washington, DC I have been pretty much everywhere. It has its downfalls of course (such as never ending traffic) but what place doesn’t. Some people like to go far away to school, but for me I was just fine sticking around.

My posts probably wont be as word intensive as this one but I thought I might as well introduce myself a little before starting this blog. You will quickly notice I have a pretty wide range of things I like to do, so I apologize in advance if I seem like the most scatterbrained person to ever exist. One second I may be talking about clothes and the next hiking, so bear with me. I hope if you are still reading you will continue to do so as I write this blog and continue to find my way around what I endearingly call NoVa.



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