As promised, I wanted to share some photos from the MoMA. If anyone ever has the chance to go…take it. It is such a great museum with so much to offer. If I wasn’t so tired from being up at 4am, I would have definitely stayed longer. There are floors upon floors of fantastic art from all over. One second I was in front of a Monet and the next in front of a Rauschenberg.

One of my favorite exhibits was this long unknown hallway that I wandered into. My Dad and I weren’t exactly sure what we were to do at first because not much was explained. There was a small little remote control and two very long screens with what looked kind of like a Mario game. Nobody was around so I just took hold of the remote and started pressing buttons. That was when we were delighted to see that the little Mario man was following my commands and running down the hallway. Once I got to the end of the screen in switched over to the other side and ran back towards me. It was cool that the not so little guy (the screen was really large so he was probably actually bigger than me) was controlled by my hand-size remote. I guess I am just glad I wandered into that hallway because it was pretty cool.


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