Port Clinton Strikes Again

It’s winter break so naturally I was back in Ohio. As always, my sister had her camera so we took some more pictures. I got to show off my new JCrew vest that I’ve been wanting for ages as well as my new over the knee leaner boots.

The boots are from an online store called Just Fab. I’m not sure how I feel about Just Fab. I subscribed to it so that I could get shoes really cheap for Halloween but then got roped in to their monthly charges. If you are someone who can keep up with making sure you skip each month to not get charged then this wouldn’t be a problem, but personally I don’t need a new pair of shoes every month because I forgot to skip. However, I have gotten two nice pairs of boots out of the subscription, so I suppose it’s been worth it.




2 thoughts on “Port Clinton Strikes Again

  1. Lauren says:

    You have such a wonderful smile:) I love that vest!!! I have thought about JustFab, but I’m just not sure I need new shoes that often!! Like why buy something for the sake of buying it? I’d rather have closet filled with things I’d absolutely LOVE👏🏻

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    • thenovalife says:

      Thank you! If you are careful and make sure to skip the months that you don’t need shoes it can be worth it when they have sales. They also have some cute clothes I’ve looked at before.


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