Thanksgiving Break

In case you haven’t noticed in previous posts my sister is quite the photographer. She has a very nice Nikon camera and being her lucky sister, I often get to be her subject of focus. While in Ohio over the weekend we both decided we needed new profile pictures (silly I know). So to solve this problem we went down by Lake Erie and took some new pictures.

I was extra excited because of the new purchases I had made and was wearing. Now, where I got my new clothes was the most surprising thing of all. While wandering around Walmart to see what Black Friday sales they had, I happily stumbled upon the fact that they had some really cute clothes.

My black top, red plaid shawl, and hat were all purchased at Walmart. I’m not usually one to be a name brand snob, but I never was expecting to find so many cute winter items at Walmart. But the price was right and I had actually been looking for something exactly like what is pictured below, so needless to say I don’t really care that it’s from Walmart. I’m not expecting the pieces to last forever, so the low price and probably lesser quality is fine with me.



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