Contemporary Art

Now this is not what I usually post on here, but I guess you can say I was somewhat inspired today and felt the need to share. I am thinking about being an art history minor and so I am taking two art history classes. In the one class, we were talking about what exactly contemporary art is and I kind of liked the answer to one of the questions that I came up with.

“I think that a lot of people have misconceptions as to what contemporary art really is. People try to label it and put it into categories, but I feel like the great thing about it is that it has no labels or categories. I think that older or some might say, more understandable, art has become so accessible and critiqued that it loses its value. If someone paints a great painting that looks just like the tree that they are looking at, I feel like people no longer respond to it as a great and wonderful piece of art. People have been there and done that. They have seen great artists that have great technique and style and make pieces that represent finite objects or places. Some art moved away from those boundaries with impressionism and the other eras, but I feel like since so many people have done impressionism or something of that nature, even that is no longer exciting. We have seen it all before. With contemporary art there are no boundaries, the meanings of the pieces are limitless. Knowing what something looks like at first glance is boring. Most people don’t like to be told what to do or what something is. I think thats where the beauty comes in from contemporary art. It can be whatever you want it to be. Even if it wasn’t what the artist wants it be, it can still be something that you believe it is. Sometimes a random assortment of colors may make you feel one way and somebody else another, and that’s ok. Yes, maybe anybody can create a random assortment of colors, but are those colors really random? They did make you feel a certain way and the artist did do it for a purpose, so really it is not that random.”


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