That Time of Year

For those of you who don’t know, I am in the sorority Chi Omega. Now a lot of you may have a negative connotation of what you think sororities are actually like. I am here to tell you, don’t believe all you here. My sorority is one the most diverse group of girls I have ever met and many of us are not what you would call a stereotypical sorority girl. We all have our own interests, activities, backgrounds, and goals. But when it comes down to it we all love Chi O and the ideals it was founded upon.

That all being said, there are times when we do things that you may call basic or that do follow the “stereotype”. But you know what, what is wrong with that. Sometimes it’s fun to take a ton of pictures and blow bubbles like a 5 year old with all your friends. We have a good time messing around and being silly, so I don’t see the problem with some “basic” pictures so that we can all share what a great time we are having. And that is just what we did the other day. With recruitment coming, it is great to promote your sorority and show the incoming girls what a great organization they are going to get the chance to join once recruitment starts.

It was a beautiful day and well we took a lot of pictures, so here are just a few..


My sorority family (they get to be pretty big over the years)

Me, my little, and my best friend with her little

     Me, my little, and my best friend with her little




~ Jeans: American Eagle, Shirt: American Eagle, Bralette: American Eagle, Shoes: Somewhere online (I can’t remember) ~


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