Kelley’s Island

As you can tell, the trip to my Grandma’s was full of activities. On one of the days, we ventured out to Kelley’s Island. During the summer and at night, the islands of Lake Erie are known for their parties. People take the ferries out to the islands, drink all day and night, and either come back or stay the night. The most popular ones to visit are Kelley’s and Put-In-Bay. My family of course did not go for the partying, we went during the day and on a weekday, which is of course more for touristy things to do and not to drink.

After the 20 minute ferry from Marblehead, we rented a Golf Cart which I had the pleasure of driving. We drove around, got a little lost, and somehow ended up out of the country. I know this may sound weird, but as a map can tell you on the other  side of Lake Erie is Canada. Apparently where we were on the island was where Verizon decided we had crossed the border. We all received text messages saying that we were in Canada and that we were going to be charged for using our phones out of the country. We were all definitely a little confused.

Once that debacle was figured out and we were back in “the American side” of the island, we went through some cute little shops, got some ice cream, and headed back to the port.

The people in the pictures are of course my family; my Grandma, my Mom, and my sister. My Dad wasn’t able to join us for the day’s adventures.


~ Shirt: Old Navy, Shorts: American Eagle, Shoes: Converse, Necklace: Made from Michael’s ~


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