Marblehead Lighthouse

Not too far away from my Grandma’s house there is a town called Marblehead. Every time we visit we try to make a trip down there to see all that it has to offer. From the shore you can see Cedar Point off in the distance and if you want a better look you can look through the little viewer binoculars. There are also lots of pretty flowers like the sunflowers pictured below. If you go down on the rocks you can get right up by the water. There was actually a strange little kid who thought it was fun to roll around in the incoming waves like some sort of beached whale. It was very peculiar to say the least.

The pictures you see of me are obviously not taken by me, they are actually taken by my sister Anna. She has  a blog for all of her photography so if you want to check that out you can go to

~ Tank top: American Eagle, Shorts: American Eagle, Bralette: American Eagle, Shoes: Converse (If you didn’t already know, or can’t tell from the amount of clothes I have from AE, I work at American Eagle) ~


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