That Time I Did a Photo Shoot in Georgetown

Never did I think I would be almost hit by a bus because a photographer was trying to get a shot of me crossing the street. But there I was in Georgetown, trying to not feel like the most awkward person ever, getting my picture taken about 10000 times.

The story behind why I was there on the streets of Georgetown in a photo shoot is a long one. Basically the jist of the story is, I participated in DC Fashion Week for a few years and one year I was in a designer named Carola’s show. She liked me, so she decided to put me in one of her photo shoots to promote her line. I went to that photo shoot, got the pictures and that was that. Then a little while later, she agreed to make my prom dress for me (another story) and after that I didn’t hear from her in a while. Now to the point of this post, in the fall of last year she reached out to me again for yet another photo shoot.

I have been in a handful of photo shoots in my lifetime, but this was the first one where I didn’t feel like I was totally doing everything wrong. I don’t really like when people look at me (I mean most people don’t) so being in a public place, on a busy day, posing for a camera was one of the most uncomfortable situations I could have possibly been in. Trying to not be a total fail, I did my best to try and not be my awkward self and just go with it. This technique seemed to help because I actually got some cool photos that I actually like. I also think it helped to be in a place as cool and as beautiful as Georgetown, even if that bus tried to run me over…

~ Artemis Couture by Carola Andrade ~
Photography by: David Ovando
Make up artist: Evelyn Vidaurre

Fuflas Photography


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