It’s A Fair Life

Every year, when summer starts feeling like it is coming to a close the Arlington Fair comes around. Lets just say, walking into the fair is like walking into the cafeteria on the set of Mean Girls. There are high school cliques everywhere you look. Decked out in the semi-scadalous outfits they were probably saving specifically for the fair, they are all standing around in there closed off circles gabbing and probably not even realizing all of the fun things happening around them. I can’t blame them, I mean that was me not too long ago. But, as a rising Junior in college in at seemed to be so silly that I ever thought that was normal.

Besides my observation of high school years past, I had a lot of fun. We started out with some ice cream, because duh it’s delicious. Then we went over to go on some of the rides. I don’t know what exactly the first ride we went on is actually called. I always just call it the swings, but it’s the one where you basically sit in a swing that goes up and around pretty fast. I’ve got to say, it went a lot faster than I expected. After visiting some of the carnival games, we ended the night on the ferris wheel. I stayed away from the super spiny/upside down sort of rides. I’m not sure whether or not I really trust those not to break, considering they are portable and probably the same ones they used in the 80’s.


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