DIY Bookcase Makeover

A few weeks ago the air conditioning in the apartment where I live started leaking, leaving water damage all around. Right next to the air conditioning unit in my bedroom is my nice little white bookcase. The whole bottom and up the sides of the bookcase was water damaged and had a gross discoloration to it. Since we are moving soon this would just not do and I needed to either scrap the bookcase or do something to fix it. I went with the latter.

The bookcase started out just white and boring and my room in the new place we are living is going to have mostly white decor with some color pops throughout the room. I don’t want it to look like I live in an insane asylum, so some color on my white bookcase was necessary. After a virtual trip to Pinterest and an actual trip to Micheal’s, I was ready to fix up the little old piece of furniture.

The steps to the makeover were easy…

1. Clean off the spots that were damaged

2. Tape lined areas of where to color block (to hide the water damage)

3. Use a stencil to line the back of the bookcase with a nice new pattern

(Plus it was only around $10.00 worth of supplies)

Now the steps were easy, but I will warn you it took a very long time to paint the stencil design on the back. Each time I used the stencil I would have to wait for it to dry before I could move it to the next area. The hard work aside, I am very happy with the finished result and cannot wait to have the bookcase in my new room.




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