My Child, My Baby, My Dog

Whoever decided that dogs should be household pets, may have been the smartest person to ever live. That statement is probably an overstatement, but I do really love my dog more than most things in life. She is always so happy to see me, loves to cuddle, and has the cutest little face. Whats not to love. Pets just always seem to know how to make a person feel better and I really think dogs are man’s best friend. No matter what has happened in the day I know that my little Ellie will cheer me up. It also helps that she’s what my sister and I call a “forever puppy”. Meaning we still think she is our little baby and since her head is to small for her body, she will always look like a puppy who hasn’t finished growing yet. Plus it’s a good excuse when everyone thinks her excessive barking is just because she’s a puppy and doesn’t know any better.




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