Eastern Market

Markets make everyone happy. What the exact reason is, I do not know, but the Eastern Market definitely brightened my day on Sunday. It was full of young people strolling by the many stands, buying flowers and jewelry while enjoying the nice weather. Most of the things around the market are way to expensive for me to actually buy but who really cares, it’s all about the experience. The food at the indoor vendors is delicious. It was inside the food market area is  where I had one of the best chicken sandwiches you could ever imagine. Then later, a very melty but good chocolate ice cream cone. Being somewhat of an artist (meaning I like to paint in my free time and hope that I am somewhat good) I love looking at all of the paintings and photographs that people put up for sale. It always inspires me to want to paint some of my own. After a great evening at the market, I am left only with the regret that I should have bought that really cute silver ring with the blue stone.


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