The Land of Cats


When I say the land of cats, I am not kidding. Mykonos has as many cats wandering the streets as we would see squirrels. That being said, once you get over the initial shock of all the cats, you are quick to realize that Mykonos is definitely the party island. We went out every night in Santorini, but Mykonos was a whole other ball game. In Greece the typical way to live is you sleep in, get a late lunch, explore for the day, nap, eat dinner, nap again and wake up at around 2am to go out and party until 6 or 7am. It is definitely a lifestyle I would never be able to maintain. For us, it was basically eat, sleep, go to the beach, and go out. It was a ton of fun and I will never forget it, but I don’t know how all of these Greek people do that every night. Aside from all of the bars and clubs, there is still so much to see. There are tons of shops to walk around, old ruins, the beaches, and a beautiful old port area with tons of good food. I think my favorite place to go in Mykonos was going to eat by the old port to be by the water. It wasn’t horribly expensive and the view was just so pretty.

~ A Rude Awakening ~

When we went to the beach we went to Super Paradise. Now on Mykonos there are the two famous party beaches, Paradise and Super Paradise. Of course Super Paradise sounded all the more cool (it has super in-front of the name so it must be the best), so we went there as our choice of beach destination. I have to say however that we were not mentally prepared for what was to come. We arrived at the beach after some lunch drinks and things were pretty mellow. The place was pretty crowded, but nobody was raging like we had heard about in all of the stories. We found our spot on the sand and being as tired as we were, we fell asleep. About 30 minutes later, we wake up to a completely different place. There were hundreds of people dancing in the outdoor pool area, a yacht had pulled right up onto the shore and was blasting there own music, and people were just in any and every area you could see. In our hazed awakening we were just so confused. We were in no state to go wild with all of these crazy people dancing on tables. So, anti-climatic as it was we went back to our hotel and settled for the calm and relaxing pool by our room. I don’t think anything could have prepared us for the craziness that was awaiting us. The people of Mykonos definitely know how to party wherever and whenever the opportunity is there.


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