Some Fresh Air

This week I got to get some nice outdoor time and go on a hike. There are so many places around Northern Virginia to hike, but Great Falls has always been one of my favorites. On the Virginia side, the hike is pretty easy and family friendly. To an experienced hiker it would probably be considered more of a walk. There isn’t much climbing and everything is generally flat. Then there is the Maryland side. On the Maryland side the path can get pretty rough. There is quite a bit of climbing and if you stray off the path to far it can get pretty dangerous. Not to mention the falls are right by you and if you were inclined to swim in the rough patches of water, the currents may take you away.

My hike was on the Maryland side and it was perfect. It wasn’t raining, as per usual this time of year, and even though it was hot out it wasn’t too humid. I went with some of my sorority sisters and had a great time. We made it through the whole first path, deciding not to venture on any further than one. I don’t know how far exactly we hiked, but it was definitely a good amount of exercise. It is always nice to get outside and exercise after being couped up in the office.


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