Hot dogs, sunshine, the smell of dirt, and the ding of the bat. These are all a few of my favorite things. I grew up playing baseball, so not only is baseball our nations pastime it is mine as well. I love everything about baseball games. Some people say they are too slow, but I think that makes them all the more enjoyable. It gives you time to socialize and enjoy the atmosphere.  There is just something about the game that just always makes me happy.

The Yankees will always have my heart (sorry Red Sox fans), but living around DC I have made exception to like the Nationals. They are a great team playing for a city that supports them. Any team that has loyal fans and support is going to put on an enjoyable game. Nobody wants to go sit in an empty stadium and watch a team nobody cares about. The Nationals play well and hopefully, cross my fingers, will continue to have a great season.


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