Greece, The Final Chapter


Going through Athens, there is about a million things to do. I never realized a city could be so compact and so large at the same time. You can either go into the city and go to all of the shops or you can go to some of the beautiful beaches. Either way you are going to have a great time. The city center had to be one of my favorite places. You have all of the regular shops down one street that head straight into all of the restaurants. Then, you go down a little further and there are all of the touristy shops with any trinket you could ever imagine. The best part of all this is that when you just look up from the streets you see the giant cliff that the Acropolis sits on. It is such a contrast between the old ruins, the new stores, and the tourist traps. I enjoyed just wandering around and looking at whatever store I may wander into, definitely resulting in me buying way to many things. However I must warn you, when you are eating or even near the restaurant people are going to be constantly trying to sell you things or get you to come to their restaurant. To try and avoid them just try not to look like a tourist and ignore them because they will not leave you alone otherwise. The beaches are awesome. You have to drive about 20 minutes or so until you are out of the city and on the coast, but when you get there it is beautiful. Almost all of the beaches are equipped with tanning chairs and umbrella’s so you have to pay a cover charge, but it is definitely worth it. You get table side service whenever you want and you don’t have to worry about getting all sandy since you have the chairs. The water is of course gorgeous, as well as the view. I don’t think it will be easy to go back to beach towels and no waiters back here at the United States beaches. Clubbing and the bars are just as big of a deal as they are on the islands. People still go out at absurd hours and in Athens there is more room, so the clubs are even bigger. For my friends birthday we went to one of the beach clubs. We walk in and there are hundreds of people; dancing, drinking, socializing, singing, anything you could imagine. We were only a few minutes late and they had already given away our table. I was finding myself again overwhelmed. But of course our night was great and you get used to the crowd, so if you are thinking of going to one of these beach clubs be prepared to be crowded.


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