Blue Skies, Black Sands, and White Paint


When you picture Greece, Santorini is definitely the ultimate daydreamed image. Everything is picture perfect. All the buildings are white and blue, you are up on the cliff-sides over the clear water, and there is even the occasional donkey walking around. I can’t imagine a better place to visit. My friend and I kept joking that we felt like we were living in a cloud because everything felt so perfect.

The island is definitely a tourist destination. There are people from all over the world walking through the little streets and shops, speaking all different languages from their various backgrounds. My friend and I were lucky enough to have our own personal tour guide, which was definitely an added bonus.  The first day he took us to see the sunset in Oia, which is one of the most well known spots to see. The sun sets just off in the distance past the island and lights up the whole sky and the water below, creating a breathtaking view.

At night there wasn’t as much to do as in Mykonos, but it was still a lot of fun. There was one street that had all the action, with probably around 10 bars all in a row. During the day promoters would be standing outside the front doors handing out business cards to try and get you to come back later. I am pretty sure I left the island with close to 30 cards in my pockets.

After the beautiful views, donkeys walking past our window, a great wine tasting on the cliff-side, and a day at the black sand beaches, I hope this trip was not the last I see of Santorini.


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